Mixing a…z

Mixing a…z
An engineer’s guide

This book is a practical, comprehensive manual on the art of mixing. Everyone from the audio student to the veteran engineer can benefit from the topics explored, ranging from housekeeping tips, to monitoring, to the step-by-step walkthrough of an entire mix session. If you have been looking for advice to make your mixes come alive, or if you just want to compare techniques with a professional mix engineer, you will find “Mixing a…z” a worthy addition to your library.

“Jam packed with practical and creative techniques for young mix engineers. J Franze does a great job of presenting the fundamental building blocks of mixing in, “Mixing a…z.” He covers all the tools in the mix engineer’s arsenal, along with a step by step explanation of the process, while always balancing the craft with the art of mixing.”

~ Charles Dye, Producer/Engineer
(Shakira, Jon Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin…)